A successful performance management strategy requires keeping credibility and accountability at the forefront, and in our experience the most effective approach to strategic performance management is multi-faceted. Continue Reading »

How do you find the right person for a particular position? One way is through talent pooling—keeping track of viable candidates for a position regardless of their current availability or status. It’s the method recruiters use to match positions with people on an ongoing basis, and it’s something you can do internally, too. In today’s highly competitive talent world, talent pooling is an important exercise for sharpening recruiting skills and keeping qualified candidates identified over a long period of time before hiring.

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Reviews are great. They help employees and managers gauge the employee’s performance and provide a formal mechanism for discussion, yet the review in and of itself is not enough. There must be follow-up, and the manager must make that happen! Continue Reading »

Are your managers giving employees enough feedback? They may think so. Employees may think they need more. This blog post by Rypple explores that difference and why it matters to your company’s success. Read the article.

There’s nothing more disturbing or destructive than when employers avoid giving employees the true, honest feedback they need to succeed. Often the avoidance is more about maintaining a sense of control. It’s about the employer’s need to be liked or about their need to maintain their own sense of success as a manager—if they don’t focus on areas to improve, then everything must be fine! Continue Reading »

Insight Strategic Concepts, makers of BLOOM, together with Reach360 back office solutions will again partner to provide an opportunity for area businesses people to learn from the experts.

“Product cost” is probably the most cherished sacred cow in industry. It is also the most damaging concept.

The idea is that as long as the selling price is higher than the cost of the product/service, the company is making money by producing and selling that product/service.

If that is really the case, why is it that for almost any company that loses money the reality is that for everyone of its product/services the selling price is higher than the product/service cost?

On March 24th at 8:00 AM at Elcona, Reach 360 and Insight Strategic Concepts offer you the opportunity to hear world renowned speaker Dr. Donn J. Novotny outline and explore the theory that the standard practice of cost accounting is actually Enemy #1 of Productivity.

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In his article “Strategic Functions Increase for HR in Organizations,” Stephen Miller notes that organizations that outsource administrative HR tasks tend to involve internal HR in strategic planning. That is a pattern we observe as well, and it is a successful model for business development. Miller goes on to state various vital contributions HR can make to strategic planning: retention, work/life, health, safety and security programs and success planning. Continue Reading »


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